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nutrition counseling

Now Available for Online Nutrition Counseling Services 


My Approach 

If you’re reading this you’ve taken the first step in your healing journey. It can be scary and it can be painful, but I want you to know by seeking out help you’re already taking back a piece of the well-being you’ve been searching for. I am an anti-diet Registered Dietitian, aligned with Health At Every Size®.


I want to empower you to rebuild your relationship with your body. Weight loss will never be our goal. Instead, we will focus on making behavior modifications that benefit your overall health and well-being. We will take the focus off of external factors and instead look within the person for the answers, learning to trust ourselves.


I believe in Intuitive Eating which relies on using internal hunger cues to guide eating, instead of external societal norms. I utilize a holistic approach with my clients focusing on all areas of wellness with an emphasis on food and nutrition.


In working with my clients I believe in fostering a partnership based on mutual respect and honesty. As we move through what can be a painful and vulnerable process I aim to embody empathy, understanding, and accountability so we can better understand the why and move to a place of growth. 

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